Monday, October 25, 2010

oozing cute.

Got all filled up on cuteness while I was visiting in California, and one of the major contributors to that cuteness was a 'pie-in-a-jar' that mom and I did for our ladies night the day before Chloe and I came home. She showed me the blog-post that she had gotten the idea from (I had actually seen it somewhere along the way, but I'm horrible about bringing new ideas/inspiration to fruition...but apparently no more!) I came home so rested and refreshed (see previous post) that I caught the pie-making bug!

I started by whipping out a batch of the no-fail pie-crust recipe that my mother has been hoarding all these years ;) (just kidding, motherrrr...) and used it to make some chicken pot-pies. (I love this recipe, and have used it several times to make a one-pot-pie.) I followed the blogger's suggestion about cutting out the tops of the crust first with the ring of the jar (smart!) then cut the rest of the dough to press right into the jars...only mildly labor-intensive...I did have one nano-second of 'Is this worth it?' but then I thought: 'What would Martha do?' and so I just kept pressing...and I tried to make even, uniform impressions with my fingertips, because that is what Martha would do.
and this is what I ended up with:
*Please note attractively arranged star pattern of the individual pies. Also a Martha touch.

And then they were done baking!
They were quite delish, and the only thing I really have to say about the overall experience is that one should consider rolling the dough reeeaaaallly thin when doing the individuals...'Too Much Crust' happens fast in an 8oz container.

We enjoyed those so much a few nights ago, that I decided to try apple crisp-in-a-jar. Very successful! They came out adorable, and it is so nice that when you fill the jar all the way to the tippy-top with apples, and squish on the topping, it still cooks down just enough that the perfect sized dollop of ice cream just fits on top.

This, dear readers, is portion-control at its finest.


  1. Yum! That looks so delicious. We had toast for dinner last night. Should have dropped by your house :)

  2. What an awesome recipe and the stars make they look great!