Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 11th hour project.

Santa was once again extremely generous to my children; I decided to do something a little different this year with the gifts 'he' left. I found (actually, I was directed to) a tutorial on folding paper to create a 5-point snowflake. So I made 40 of them to use as giant nametags on the kids presents. The more I worked on them, the more excited I got about seeing them all under the tree at the same time:
The kids got a big kick out of them, and they each even saved one. :) We moms like to be appreciated for the little things we do.

Speaking of which, I get a 'red box' every year, a box of little red things my mom has collected in her junking forays, and every year, she totally hits the mark. This year, about 3 weeks ago, I was cruising websites, as I so often do, and I saw a cute little tiered tabletop stand--in galvanized steel, and thought 'oh, that's really cute.' Wouldn't you know, I got a RED ONE in my red box this year. (Waaay cuter than the one I saw)
I also got that cute refrigerator box, and some red and white twine, some felt embellished with vintage buttons (I feel a cute pillow project coming on) and the adorable little grocery list dealy-bobber, which incidentally is another cute story: When I showed my husband my 'loot', he was of course appropriately appreciative, but he did inquire as to what that particular object was. I explained to him that in the days prior to online grocery lists, women used things like this to keep their grocery lists. He turned it over in his hand a time or two, and said to me:
"Well, what are you going to do with it?"
"Well," said I, "I could hang it right here, and you could use it to write me a little love note every day."
"OK," he said. And he has. Every. Day. Since. :)


  1. THAT is a very cute story. Glad to have had a hand in contributing to love notes from your husband. You will forever be my red girl.Honestly cannot see anything red that i do not think of you.

  2. That is way too cute:) I'm going to do that next year for my kids! Makes me miss my mom:( Enjoy your family while they are here...