Monday, May 17, 2010

Day 3: Four walls.

Day 3 was also a fairly quick day; One of the things I have enjoyed about this project is that it is definitely small enough that it has been easy to find a stopping point each day, and is easy clean-up, so that I can stand back and enjoy the process. I'm feeling pretty confident that we are building a strong, comfy home for the girls; no major snags as of yet. I did have to go a little slower with these last two walls; it was a full day just getting them up, and I am not really even done, since there are some more things I need to iron out before I start with siding, which will have to wait a few days, as we are getting it gratis from a friend in the lumber biz. :) Love the price! All they want in exchange is some free eggs!
Taylor has been having a great time helping; he is a little frustrated with my stop-and-think approach, but it is working for me!
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