Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 2: Two walls.

Bright and Early, I got up and got going. (we Eugenians have learned not to waste a sunny day!)First wall was easy. No window, no door, just 2 studs and a frame. Now, keep in mind that I have never actually built anything myself, and it has been years since I witnessed any framing being done, so if you are a builder, reading my blog: I am going by what I picked up in my youth, and what I could glean from the internet...and where the hell were you when it needed to be built? I will offer no more apologies. :)
Second wall was almost as easy: I knew I needed a door, so I basically just left out one of the studs, and put in a header above the door. I didn't bother with king studs because the door will not be particularly heavy...I also looked at the purchased shed where the chickens are currently residing, and from which much of my inspiration is coming, and it didn't have king studs either. (Is that even the right term?) I also will need a window here (I am going to put a little window next to the door, with a little window box under it, with herbs in it appropriate for an omelette. Cute, huh!?) This is somewhat of a guess-and-go project, so I am not yet sure exactly where that window should be, so I am waiting to frame it in.
I knew that I wanted to store 4 bins in the little storage cubby, so here are two bins, to help me determine the height of the storage cubby. Above the storage cubby will be the enclosed nesting space, and above that will be the long window/roost...so the girls can have a sunny outlook while they are roosting!
All I have to say about this is that it's a good thing my husband is busy today. Building is messy work.
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