Thursday, February 4, 2010

My funny valentine.


I thought I would share with my reader (hi mom) a project I did several years ago with the kids, because it was the only time parents ever came up to me for WEEKS afterward to tell me how adorable the valentines were that my kids gave out in class. It was a really fun project, once we got into a rhythm, and best of all it was unique, a quality for which I am ever-striving.

I got the idea from one of Martha Stewart's good things, but in my typical fashion, modified the directions slightly to make them easier!

Here is what I did: Take several 8.5x11 papers, some white, some red; cut white into 5.25x5.25 squares. Cut red into 5.5x5.5 many of each as the number of boxes and lids you need for you valentines. The directions are the same for boxes AND lids, the exception being that the red lids will end up slightly larger than the boxes. Save any scraps that you create in the trimming, you will use them later.

Fold each square into a smaller square, like a cootie catcher, with the four points meeting in the center. then fold and release each of the four sides into the center of the square, like so:
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pull away two flaps, opposite each other, and fold the opposite two sides up into a vertical position, then tucking the corners inside the folds, fold the remaining two flaps up and over, to create the four 'walls' of the box. Repeat until all white boxes and all red lids are complete.

When I made these with the kids, they quickly became adept at the folding, and we found that it didn't need to be perfect to work; they were still adorable. We then used a heart paper punch (for girls) and a star paper punch (for boys) with alternating colors ( here is where you use the scraps) and glued these to the lids. They were just big enough for three little hershey's kisses, and were the hit of the classroom Valentine's exchange.

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