Thursday, December 3, 2009



Is this not the coolest fabric ever?? My little client Fred is a 98-year old gem who lives in a little community up the McKenzie River called Blue River (At the confluence of the Blue and McKenzie Rivers)and he built a house in 1948, and he and his wife furnished the house when it was built, and then time stopped. These curtains covered the windows in their son's room for 61 years, and when they were taken down last week, Fred gave them to me. Barkcloth is notoriously sturdy, and these drapes are no exception. There are a few tears along the top from being opened and closed so many times, but overall, they are in excellent condition, and I have 16 yards of material to play with here. They look gorgeous in my living room, which is hardwood floors (the mustard-y background goes perfectly...) and the brown pinecones look great with my brown leather sofa and red touches. Cannot wait to make some throw pillows and some cushions for extra seating on the hearth! I love that I am going to have something of Fred in my home; He is a character, and my only regret in knowing him is that I met him in the final years of his life. He has written a book about some of his adventures, and he was a bit of a bad boy in his day, but is a fine and honorable man, well-respected in his community. He is a great story-teller, and a very loving and generous man.
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