Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas countdown begins...

*So* Today I started a little book, not really a scrapbook page, but more like a little memory book, to document the holiday for us, and wrote a little blurb on it about how I wanted to start doing it as an annual tradition, so that someday, I would be able to look back on them, and be able to share them with grandkids, etc...and kind of went off on a little tangent about traditions in general: Old ones we've already established, new ones I'd like to incorporate, etc. Lo and behold, my husband came home tonight with a little goody bag. He has apparently decided to buy each of us a little gift every day for the next 25 days. He says that he is going to affix a small sticker to each gift, and that we are supposed to 'collect' them, and if we can show him our collection in its entirety, apparently we will receive an additional gift. Then he started in about being organized and focused, and we all immediately began tuning him out. LOL, Poor guy doesn't stand a chance. I can already see many problems inherent in his plan: I am gone 3 nights a week, Taylor is completely absent until the 15th, but then comes home for the duration of the holiday...Not sure he has thought that far ahead, but I'm not going to rain on his parade. I love that I'm married to a tiny little physically-fit Santa. He really gets into the spirit of the holidays, and it seems to be getting more and more so the older we get. He is going to be a right jolly old elf by the time the next generation begins showing up!

My 'gift' tonight was a nice little set of dishtowels...something we always need and the ones I got are particularly nice. oh, and a pack of gum. I'll be very interested to see what happens with this, and especially what the final payout is...stay tuned!!

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