Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time for another "Random photo of the day"

This one in honor of my dad's query in the post below regarding a memory of his about some guy belching all night in the Kenai Motel...Sorry daddy, that was either blocked or more likely, was about as big a deal to me as the current neighbors are. Other than the marijuana aroma emanating from the depths, (not cool with kids around) I really don't get bugged by that kinda stuff...I'm not sure why...probably because I'm so entertained by HOW MUCH it bugs my husband. He literally does this little freak-dance, and once one has learned to absolve oneself of any responsibility in his acute discomfort, it's really quite fascinating to watch in a weird, clinical sort of way.
Anyway, I digress...onto the picture. And all I really have to say about this is that I really was quite the little urchin, and looking back, I'm surprised my older brother didn't accidentally lose me in a snowdrift. How irritating would it be to be the older brother in that scenario?? But it was of my fondest memories of my childhood. I just wish I had a picture of Tommy's face when the kazoo came onto the scene.

ps: I just had to come on here and add that I remember humming on that kazoo while daddy learned to play that banjo so much that we had to replace the little seal in in several times...and in hindsight I cannot believe the fortitude of my parents...I SO would have said "Oh,'s broken! Well, they're very expensive so we'll have to wait, but maybe soon Mama can buy another one."

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