Monday, February 18, 2008

Who knew?

So I'm cruising the internet this AM, looking for a new printer. (I have some jobs coming up and my current printer leaves smudges...OK for most of my printing needs, but I can't sell smudges.
So I go to Epson...(or digital Mecca as I like to call it) and they have this test, called the Epsonality test. Kinds like that ESFJ thing that was big a few years back, but much more printer specific. Answer a few questions, and you find out all sorts of stuff you didn't know about yourself, or in my case, just some confirmation of things I strongly suspected.

So come to find out I am an RX680 with RX595 tendencies. Here is what they had to say about me: "Highly creative, highly productive, highly demanding, highly exacting, you are a completely certifiable freak of printing nature."

It is so nice to be validated every once in awhile.

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