Monday, February 18, 2008

New camera bag

I was going through my favorite multi-department store the other day, and found a cute bag pattern (I have been wanting to make a purse...fabric is so IN these days...) and it also had a pattern for a little bag that looked fairly easy to modify to create a camera bag. So I invested in the pattern, vowing to use scraps only for the bags, since in my clean-up of my sewing stash, I encountered far more material than should be legal. A few hours and several stops and starts later, voila! This is my new camera bag. Complete with little padded inner compartments for keeping my cameras from scratching each other.
yay me! (So I have deleted the camera bag from my list of stuff I wanna buy when I have the money...because I didn't need any for this bag!!)


  1. HOw cool! I love the bag its so cute!