Sunday, January 27, 2008

Snow day!

Outside the window 
'K, this really shouldn't be this exciting, because it's not like I haven't lived in the snow for just about every winter of my adult life...But I am a sucker for it on the first day it falls. Then it can go away. The kids are voting for ONE more day, because then they get a snow day at school, but then it can go away for sure.

Chloe kicked AXE last night in her game. (They played the South Eugene Axemen, and I could hardly wait to use that line.)But really, she did. She had 16 points; was 10 for 14 from the free throw line (yeah, 14. It was a very physical game) and she almost broke her neck when a girl shoved her when she was going up for a layup, and she slammed into the wall of the gym and whiplashed...(but she got the layup AND both foul points!)The trainer ordered her out of the game for the duration, but our little girl who played on a broken ankle was not going to let a little thing like whiplash keep her out. She got a big scratch on the inside of her arm, and a bloody nose, too...but they won. Arguably her best game of the season; parents from the other team were congratulating me on her game last night, as well as her own coach (something he never does.)

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