Friday, January 25, 2008

Mo Baseball

insert soundtrack of Angels singing on high 
Proof positive that this child is one of The Chosen Ones...(Should I be surprised that he is in an ever-present ray of sunshine?)

Unrelated to the post, but I just hafta say: This child has the luck of the Irish, or something. Stuff just happens for him, and if you ask anyone who knows him fairly well; they'll agree with you. He got into the U of O--Oregon State Civil War game (sold out weeks ahead of time, scalped tickets going for thousands of dollars) by SMILING at the ticket taker lady. Then he proceeds to go to one of the skyboxes (private) sees a friend who's dad has season tickets...and ends up eating catered Outback Steakhouse dinner. The kid has it goin' ON. Anyway, I digress...Cooper's cousins came from the Bay Area last weekend, and the three of them went up to Oregon State to their infielder's camp. Cooper enjoyed the attention that being Taylor's little brother brought him, and I hope that the other Stiles boys enjoyed themselves; we really enjoyed having them. We have not had too many opportunities to get together with Dean's family, so it was fun to get to know the boys a little. I only got a couple pictures from the camp; I'm not really "supposed" to do that...Dean would have told me to act like my kid's been to a camp before...:) anyway, here's more pictures:Here's MattMatt bein' his cute lil self!

Here's Sean getting some one-on-one from pitching coach Dave Wong.

Not all the players were totally into helping. ;)

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