Friday, December 7, 2007

one of those rare moments:

When is seems that all is right with the world. 10:20, and I just picked up my third little ducky. I picked up Taylor from school at 6. My friend Brittany Schopen from downstairs took me in her big truck so that we could pick up eveything all at once. Taylor said goodbye to Owen, Amanda and Lauren (His suite-mates) lots of tears and promises to keep in touch...Got home just in time to pick up little ducky number two from his school dance, where he finally got up the nerve to ask Ashley to dance the second to the last dance. (Paige is done; she got mad at Cooper one day and told him he could go to hell with his dog. We are SO OVER her.) anyway, Coop had a GREAT time at the dance; all bright-eyed and bushy tailed as I picked him up. Then it was off to pick up Chloe from her Honors Class Christmas Party, where they had a white elephant exchange (Chloe got the best present, and brought the only one that got stolen three times and retired) She was also voted most athletic in her class, AND they went caroling (and some neighbor thought they they were the Sheldon Choir, which she seemed to think was rather hilarious) AND shot 2 three pointers in her game AND played point guard tonight AND won by 1. They are all happy. They are all home again. It is a VERY good night.

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