Monday, December 17, 2007

Not-so-random Photo of the day

not only cute, but talented, too!
Usually I am going through my photos for one reason or another and decide that one is just too cute to not share with every one. Today's photo is, albeit very cute, not random in that I have a blog-friend (kinda like an imaginary friend, in that I do not know her personally but I do read her blog, and therefore know many rather intimate details of her life that I otherwise would just make up as I pour her imaginary water during our imaginary tea party--but we also comment back and forth occasionally, which makes us practically real-life friends!)
Anyway, my friend Stephanie is a young mom whose blog I stumbled upon while lurking on someone else's blog, and they were raving about how creative she was...never to be shy about lurking for creativity, I hustled over, and found not only a very creative person, but an adorable baby, whose antics remind me constantly of the good ol' days, and a rather hilarious husband, who does silly things like accidentally put his sweatshirt on upside down, then try to act like he did it that way on purpose. Sound familiar?? (He also buys her poop-nuts as a gesture of endearment, but you'll have to read her blog to find out the true appeal of that.) Long story longer, I am posting this picture so that Stephanie can see Cooper...Our two little boys look very much alike, and though I doubt that she is too concerned that Creed is suddenly going to become less than totally adorable, I would imagine that it might be fun to be able to 'look into the future' as it were, and see just how cute he will still be when he's 12, like Cooper! (See, tolja, Stephanie! Here is what he looks like now)

Carry on.

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  1. He really does look a lot like Creed! I hope Creed turns out as cute as Cooper!