Monday, November 5, 2007

Still no news.

And it is driving me quite to distraction...News should be forth-coming in the next day or so.
Taylor came home for the weekend; His first weekend off since conditioning started 8 weeks ago. The change in him is remarkable. Physically, it's amazing. He is thin, cut, his arms are outrageous...but the real change is in the person. He was such an awesome big brother, talking Cooper through his pout-fest after his game yesterday, being there to root Chloe on durng her mile run that began basketball tryouts. She came in SECOND. Out of 30 girls trying out for basketball; many of them seniors--in track town USA, where Sheldon has the state championship cross country team. She even surprised herself, running a minute and a half faster than she thought she would.

Taylor cleaned up after himself; did homework on Saturday night; all that stuff I always tried to get him to do when he lived at home. Best of all, though, I had all my duckys under my wing for 2 whole days. This was one happy mama.

ps: just wanted to add here that we DID have the "what if i didn't make it" conversation with Taylor while he was here, and that one of my big fears for him has been that he would view himself as a failure if he didn't make it. but we discussed his options, and he now has a contingency plan that he can begin to implement if he indeed did not make the team, but best of all, he knows that there are so many people who are so incredibly proud of him, and that it is all less about baseball and so much more about growth, and maturity and accepting personal responsibility, and he knows that we know that he has worked his butt off and put forth his very best effort.

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