Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The latest athletic news:

Fourteen freshmen tried out for girls basketball; Twelve of them will stay back to play freshman ball, two will get called up to compete for spots on JV.

Chloe was called up.

Sheldon is a 6A school; the most athletically competitive distinction, and Sheldon Girls basketball competes every year for the State Title. She felt going into the tryouts that she would be happy to play freshman ball; the competition is very stiff at this level. We are SO proud of her!


  1. Yeah! B een wondering how things r going. I aqm so happy to hear about my miss chloe. You should be so proud of your athletic build. Look what it has done for you. I know you have stouggled ing the past. And, my heart went ut to you, but please know how beautiful you are. We never stoop talking about how pretty Chloe is. For, Cooper, WHAt CAN i Say....You rock. You've got it Kid and you've had it even before you were born. How blessed r you. Taylor, I remeber when you were born...what A BLESSING. Truly a gift. And now it is time to share that gift. You have shown what it takes to get the job done. take that every where with you. And, know how much respect just being who you are is imperitive. No...I am not dying. I just miss you guys. Megan think aBOUT YOU ALL THE TIME. cAn't wait to be old with you. xoxoxo GIna.