Sunday, October 14, 2007

So we started out by going over the rivers, and through the woods...this sign reminded me a little of one of those funny dream sequences in the middle of a sit-com. Our first stop was the beautiful Sahalie Falls, which has always been one of the big regrets of my life that I didn't discover them before my Grandma was too ill to come see them. Anyway, they were there in all their "blue easter egg water" glory.
and we stopped and took a picture or two in front of the falls.

We got to Bend, Hammy lives in a BEAUTIFUL 55+ living community, and they have several rooms that the tenants can reserve for guests, so that is where I slept while we were there...(Note to self...check this out in 10 years when Dean hits's the way to go!)

Saturday was a gorgeous Fall day in Bend; The most beautiful mild weather happens this time of year, and it was a great day to be at the ballpark. Taylor had a great can read all about it here: Big on the Beavers and then he got interviewed, bu the local TV station and signed a few autographs: (He does really well at this, engaging the kids, and asking them about their "baseball careers" cute!

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