Monday, September 24, 2007

Playing Catch-up.

We spent a crazy weekend doing everything but what we normally need to do on the weekends, so now I am playing a crazy game of catch-up. I'm waiting for an email, so I decided to catch everyone up on us.

Taylor's scrimmage went well. He caught 2 innings, (one more than the other freshman catcher, and the same number as the two upperclassmen.) and had a good at-bat. He now has a home...though not what I wrote about. Last minute changes with a couple of the guys, so they ended up in a dorm. He is SO happy. Immediate response from him in the stress level he was experiencing. He is settled, happy and confident. Classes started this AM, as did weight lifting, so he rolled out of bed at 8, lifted, then went home to shower then off to classes until 1, then back to the field for a 4 hout practice. This is his life now, and he couldn't be more excited. Chloe and I had a blast watching him, and hamming up for the webcam, but you can't see us. So sad, because we were being pretty silly.

Here is her class picture, and of course she doesn't like it because she forgot to take out her retainers, so she will be doing retakes, but I think they're adorable...but what do I know? (I'm just the mama :) )
She is doing awesomely well...she has friends now, and she plays on 2 basketball teams, as well as before-school conditioning three days a week, so Dean gets her there on those mornings, so that Coop and I can have a leisurely morning getting him to school...This has been a fabulous move for the kids...for all of us, really, because they are so busy, we are happy...this is what we wanted for them. Dean has many irons in many fires; not the least of which is trying to get a new job at a nearby major university (that is intentional vagueness so as not to jinx anything by speaking too soon) and I am waiting for Costco to start their holiday hiring, as I have decided that's where I want to work. Chloe and Cooper's schools are about a mile away, about a mile from each other, and Costco is right between them.

I have bangs (again) and I play in a women's volleyball league once a week. Lily goes on a five mile run with me every other day, and otherwise pines for the freedom of the ranch, but I think she really thinks it's a toss-up, because she actually gets way more attention from us now. The only problem with her is that she sheds entirely too much, but we're trying to love her anyway. :)

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