Thursday, September 20, 2007

OSU Webcam

He's too small to see, but it's kinda cool knowing he's one of the little orange blobs running around the field twice a day.

Goss Stadium

and if you check out the time lapse links on the right side of the page, you can see a whole day go by in about a minute. Also very cool.

Taylor FINALLY has a place to live. We rejected the dorms pretty much outright on the advice of the coaches...apparently there is a difficulty with the boys doing less team bonding when they live in the dorms, so they wanted Taylor to have a teammate as a the search began. Unfortunately, Dan Spencer was in charge of housing, and he quit the program to go back to his alma mater to coach, and nobody else knew what to do...only a couple boys, Taylor included, go caught in that crossfire. But we were persistent, and we managed to find him a house (actually, he found it.) very close to some of his favorite guys on the team, but actually living by himself. Yes, Taylor is going to be fully responsible for his own domicile. We are headed up to Corvallis on Saturday to help him move into it...he has been graciously allowed by Rob Folsom, one of the guys on the team, to crash on his couch...they've become good buddies. In the meantime, he has registered for 15 units, and gotten the first installment of his college money, so he is official...and has already been fitted for 2 full sets of all new catcher's gear, including two Pudge gloves. (This is a good thing, for those of you who don't know what a Pudge glove is...It's a catcher's glove designed by Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez Taylor's favorite major leaguer. I am loving being done buying him new gear. It's a true full circle moment! I'll post some pictures of his house on Sunday, along with game highlights from his first college game on Sunday...a scrimmage. Taylor plays in Bend in October, so we'll be headed over there then.

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