Saturday, September 8, 2007

One of the really cool things about where we live now is that we are so close to so much to do. We have some good friends who live in a little town called Fall Creek, and it has a reservoir that feeds it called Fall Creek Reservoir. Our friends have a boat, and they live about 1 mile from the reservoir so they go out just about every afternoon. (Is that view just enough to CRY over??)The kids are learning to wakeboard, and even Dean has been out on an innertube. (There IS photographic evidence to back up this preposterous claim, but it's on Brian's computer...I'll have to get it!)
Here's Chloe, just getting up:

and Cooper got up, but still has balance issues: (Click on the photo to see his grin supersized)
They are loving it, and having so much fun. Coop's Fall Ball starts today, so we're off to do that. Chloe had a better day at school yesterday...A nice guy that Taylor met while hitting texted her and invited her to lunch, so she didn't eat alone. It didn't hurt that he's a senior and a "total hottie" (There are, apparently, many of those here...)
AND...we are still waiting to find out exactly where Taylor will be living...but he has to report by the 13th, so we are counting down. We willpost details as soon as they are available.

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