Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Good enough!

I was going to title this blog post: FINISHED!, but I'm not, and then I was going to title it 'No More Miss 95%', which is what my husband calls me, because of my propensity to get 95% done with a project, then call it good enough, and leave the last little bit for positively months. But I am not going to do that, either. But at the moment, I am in fact, about 95% done, so I felt a bit sheepish saying I'm not when I am, but truth be told, I am not content to be done with this project yet, I am merely waiting for the rain to abate before I continue, and it is certainly good enough to take photos to post on my blog, so there you have it. Good enough! All I have left to do are some very minor details of chicken wire, and a small platform for the chicken feed, to keep it up out of the muck.
I spent another whole day getting all the siding up, and throwing in the 'temporary' door and putting the roof on before it rained, and another day doing the interior... I am still not happy with the roof, and may be re-doing that, but it is up, and the chickens have stayed dry, so it remains part of the 95%... :)

This door is the storage door/nest access, and if you look carefully, you can see the roost just through the window...I know how I like a point-of-view when doing the dishes, and figured the hens would appreciate a similar perspective. The window is on hinges, and flips up for warm breezy days. :)

This is the interior; The nesting boxes are actually just a framework, and pull out for ease of cleaning. The roost is slatted, also for ease, and I will keep newspapers down to keep chicken poop out of the nests. The chicken poopy newspaper will go into the compost bin. :)
The girls LOVE their house. They stay in there even when the door is open, and if I shoo them out to work in there, and then step inside myself, they all run back in to be with me. Chloe said she likes how it is 'all elaborate and like a little house'. Good enough, indeed!
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  1. You take after your father when it comes to the "stop and think" approach. He is a big thinker and he thinks more and more as he get older:)!!