Thursday, October 15, 2009

Slippery when wet.


I remember doing this weather widget post last year, the day that it first went to a full week of drippy clouds. (It actually started yesterday, but I didn't have the presence of mind to save the image yesterday, so good 'nuff!) but the thing was, it wasn't until the last week of October last year. Oh my! A frost alert and a wet week already! I am glad for some reason that we are in a house...probably just my imagination that it will not seem so bad...most definitely will not be so bad driving the kids to school. I am going to work on getting some insulating curtains made--I wasn't going to bother, but I am already rethinking that one. I need to find some nice creamy colored heavyweight fabric. I might just line some burlap with muslin though...Inexpensive and sturdy. Trying to maintain a balance between money and projects, while still filling our needs...more of the same around the Stiles' household. I did get a raise at work though (ya!) and a request to be a facilitator for an alzheimer's support class that my employer is going to be hosting...I love my job; I can't believe my luck at falling into this line of work again after all these years.
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  1. I was reading your blog entry again(somehow it makes me feel you are still on the other side of the creek) and i had missed the entry about your job. hooray! isnn't it great to love what you do and still get paid for it.