Saturday, January 24, 2009

I miss my chickens. One of the things that I found out when we moved here, and one of the things that propels me to look for an actual house with an actual yard is that chickens are allowed in the city limits. I am going to get 4, of this variety, which incidentally are called barred plymouth rocks. They are super social, and very sweet if you hand-raise them. They also take up very little room, and are fairly low-maintenance. I loved going out and getting the eggs each of the things about me is that while I like pretty things, and nice things, they must also be useful or I pretty much don't have time for them. Not big on roses, 'cause all they do is look good, but a cute pot of miscellaneous herbs? I'm all over it. I probably wouldn't have a dog except that he single-handedly is responsible for my current level of fitness. I'd have bugged out months ago. Chickens are perfect. They are fun to raise and they provide a constant source of soil amendment, they are great at finding and eradicating snail populations, and as a bonus, they provide me with a never-ending supply of eggs! By they way, did you know that the average hen is ready about every 23 hours to lay another egg?

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