Monday, December 15, 2008



The kids got their first snow day today! We kept waiting for the snow to fall, so that we could enjoy the weekend knowing that there would not be school on Monday, but it kept holding off. Finally, a big front came in at about 9 last night, and quietly dumped enough snow that we woke to the no-school news this morning! Gibson loves it, and Cooper is making ready to head to the park for a day of freezing his buns off and loving every minute of it. By the way, Cooper asked me to title this entry "Gibson, go someplace else to lick your snowballs" which was what I said to him when he came in this morning. His preferred spot is wherever I am, right at my feet, which, when he is covered with snow, makes it wet and uncomfortable for me. So I told him to find someplace else to lick his snowballs. That really tickled Cooper's 13-year-old funny bone.
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  1. Awesome! We've been watching the snow news. ENVY...ENVY! (Mr. B's from Colorado and you know I went to college in Utah...then stayed on for a spell.) SO...we envy your snow! :)