Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I awoke to this headline today:

World bids a relieved adieu to a rocky year

and all I can say is "AMEN!"

I am so looking forward to improving our lot this next year. We are already in motion--and Gawd knows things can't get much worse...for us or anybody else. Though in my heart, I know they can, and I keep that constantly in mind. After all, our troubles are only financial, and what is it but money?

I pick a word that is my theme word for the year at the same time that I make a gratitude list in the final week of 2008 and a couple of New Year's resolutions in anticipation of the year ahead. My word for this year is HOPE. It is the word that keeps coming to the forefront for me, and I even got a little word art version of it for Christmas.

We have tons of new friends, we live in a super fun place; lots to do and see; we are all healthy and fit--it's easy to do in this town. And we have some great prospects for the coming year. New jobs, new responsibilities, maybe even a new, more permanent home!...We have much to be grateful for!

And so, though I don't really believe in this hooey, my horoscope for today was still rather refreshing...somewhat validating my own personal perspective:
You are on the threshold of a major shift in your life as joyful Jupiter enters your sign next week to spend most of 2009 expanding your world. But you must be willing to change and to grow in order to make the most of whatever opportunities are offered. This can be challenging for you if you are reluctant to let go of the past. Don't hold on to what you have or you won't be able to grab on to what comes next.

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