Thursday, November 6, 2008

When we moved up here, Taylor, my dad and I literally THREW our belongings into the large truck we rented. The entire trip up, we could hear things shifting, etc...I knew we were going to open the door when we got here, and a giant scrap heap was going to fall to the ground at our feet.
Surprisingly, only one thing broke. This silverplate platter was one my Grandma had, and when her children went through her home after she died, this was one of the things left behind. One of the handles fell off, but I kept it, thinking I would think of something. Dean had given me this little round bevelled mirror (At one point, I told him I wanted to hang a whole collection of round mirrors, but decided against it when I remembered that I prefer squares.) Lo and behold, the two were meant for each other. A little Gorilla Glue, and it turned out really cute! About a week later, Martha posted the same idea on her blog.

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