Tuesday, October 28, 2008

LOL. Now I have a cartoon conscience!

I have not been running in a couple weeks. Between moving, and being sick and trying to play catch up with all that, I have decided that a break would be *ok*. Last night I was on Nike checking out the actual date of my impromptu exercise vacation and noticed that they had a couple new widgets. (widgets are all these things that show stuff from other websites on a blog. I'm addicted to them.) so I made a cartoon version of myself (though my actual head is as round but slightly smaller) and what I did not know is that this widget collects info from each of my runs including the date of the last one. I guess it's time to get back on the horse.

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  1. Hi Cuzz!
    If you're into widgets, check out the new widget on Blogger that lets you show who FOLLOWS your blog. It also makes it easy for people to follow YOURS. (Hint-hint.) I have lots of SJHS news to share with you. Dean would particularly understand. Check out my blog to see the Follow Widget.
    :) Jenni