Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eugene: Virtual tour part 1

Every morning, when I head out for my run, I think that one of these days I'm going to bring my camera to start taking some pictures to post on my blog. We live in such a pretty town--very pedestrian oriented, with lots to see. So today I begin documenting some of it. I can't believe it's already been an entire year since we moved here.It's been a pretty good year...we've made some really good friends, we have tons of stuff to do, and we have managed to carve quite a nice little existence out of what we have. We live in an apartment complex, which may not sound very appealing, but it has actually been really nice. Our downstairs neighbors smoke a bit too much, but we've kept on them, and it has gotten better. We have a pool, with no maintenance required, we have a huge greenspace, with no maintenance required, all of which is great since we have been working so hard establishing ourselves. We are getting ready to move to a downstairs apartment in a little bit quieter section of the complex; we live right on the street, and there is a Chevron mini-mart with a coffee bar right across the street, so there is lots of early morning traffic as people stop on their way to work for a coffee drink, etc. We will move to a bottom floor apartment on the other side of the complex, next to a water feature, so we will only hear the sound of running water, and best of all, I will have a little patio where I can put my citrus trees, and have a little container garden. The red dot in the photo is where we live now, the blue dot is the Chevron, and the yellow dot is where we will live after October 10th.
We live in the northwest section of town, in a neighborhood called the "Ferry Street Bridge" neighborhood--one of the most desireable in town. It's very centally located, pretty much only a couple of minutes from everything (everything being the University) in a neighborhood of homes built from the 40's to the 70's, so a really nice mix of architecture, oversized lots, mature landscaping and meandering streets. Three minutes to the mall, Five minutes to the kids' schools, and less than 10 to the University. We rarely go further afield than any of that.

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