Saturday, August 9, 2008

:: Who's a good dog??!! ::

This morning it dawned on Gibson that he could knock over the can that holds his toys;(I keep them in one of those tall french floral buckets)so that he can play with his toys. He is very smart, but we continue to work on teaching him to pick them up and put them away when he is done with them. I am not expecting huge results, as I have not figured out how to teach this concept to my human children either...But we have also taught him (specifically Cooper did, but I have been the one to reinforce the training) how to ring a little bell when he needs to go outside. Note to others attempting this training...Don't expect that the dog will know where the bell is if the door is left wide open. Please do not ask how I know this. :/

I give you Gibson, the wonderdog:

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