Monday, August 11, 2008

:: 25 years! ::

The SJHS Class of 1983 reunion was this past weekend, and I missed it. I was aware of it, however, and made a decision to miss it this year, which is more than I can say for many things I have on my agenda these days. It was just not a good time for me to be gone, too many other considerations. I'm going to try like heck to put it on the calendar in 5 years.

First of all Tom Rehder is/was so handsome. I love that he didn't mind taking that photo with me at Grad night. We were good friends our senior year of High School, and I remember fondly that he was all there was to look forward to in Mrs. Troxler's English 4 class. (I loved correcting his spelling tests for him before we turned them in!)

Note to self: What was with the blazers? What was with that hair?? I have always told my kids that I wasn't much of a follower of trends in high school, and don't have any embarrasing photos from the 80's. I guess I forgot these.

Congratulations class of 1983!
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