Saturday, May 17, 2008

Put your glasses on to view the following photo.

"MOM! Come HERE!!" Cooper squealed from the bathroom.

"What!?" I said, because I was stretching for my run*, and felt that whatever it was that he thought I needed to see in the privacy of the bathroom probably did not warrant the trip.

"I have a HAIR! But you need to come into the light to see it!"

"Cooper, if I need a light to see it, is it really there?" (I sometimes wax metaphysical on Saturday morning, pre-run)

Long story short, if you are in the light, and he does NOT smile (it gets lost in the crease if he does) there is indeed a hair.

Click on the phot0, it will supersize, and the proof will appear.

Yet another sign that they are ALL growing up, and soon my life will be a meaningless void.

Until the grandkids arrive anyway.

*Saying "What" from another room in the house when you are called is strictly prohibited...though it is a rule directed primarily to the children; I have to admit though my reasoning was sound, my example was less than stellar. Mea Culpa.

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  1. He he thats so funny!!! i love the click and look photo!! So is that a hair on his nose or it just on his face? You'll have to tell me on our walk next week!