Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Onward to Softball season

Sheldon had their first real game yesterday (as opposed to the jamboree the day before which is a two inning round robin with four teams...just to get in the swing of things)and Sheldon won...10-7 in 9 innings. Softball, as high school baseball is only 7 regulation innings, so 9 innings was an extra innings game...Chloe sat the youngest player, she must "earn" her time...but she went in in the top of the 9th to pinch run and avoided the play at the plate to get the go-ahead run. Two more girls scored and we held them in the bottom of the 9th! A great game, out in the sun...and we are really looking forward to this season!
Cooper's season starts up soon!

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  1. HOw fun i miss playing softball!