Monday, March 3, 2008

OK...who's the stalker?? :)

I have a statkeeper installed on my blog...and there is someone in or around Auburn who checks our blog fairly regularly...MacDonald's? Is it you? Shields? Is it you? I mention this merely to reiterate my request to have people comment on my blog occasionally. If you click on the 0 Comments down at the bottom of the post, it opens a new page where you can leave a comment. Writing in a blog is a little bit like making a speech in a very big auditorium...You're never sure quite who's listening...or if anyone really even gives a rip. I know some people that we haven't talked to in a long time check this out, so stop a moment to say Hi! It makes me want to post more!


  1. thanks for the instruction on how to comment! now we can. it was not possible to know how to use the feature without some hint as to how to open the comment feature. what computer dummies us old folks are!!!! I read yor blurb often, so that i can find out what's up with you and yours!

    love from your father....

  2. now you need to tell me how to close te fucking comment box!!

    your frustrated father, the computer dummy

  3. Up at the very top of the screen there is a line that says "post a comment on" in black, and "I'm the mamathat's why" in blue. Click on the blue and it'll take you back. :)

  4. Ha this is funny!! I can't stop laughing at your dads comments my dad would do the same thing!!!lol