Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is Helen. She's my Grandma, and we called her Grandma Nanu because she was always trying to get us to eat bananas...some nonsense about them being good for us or something. Now Helen was not actually much of an outdoorsman; she enjoyed camping, pastoral landscapes and all that stuff, but she was of the mind that one "needed a man" to do such things. Knowing her; she would have been perfectly happy to have the men doing the fishing for sustenance during this particular camping trip, but then how would she have been able to justify this adorable ensemble? That is one thing the ol' gal could do: Put together an outfit. Isn't she so cute? I'd a gone fishin' too, Helen, if I could look that cute doing so.
I miss my Grandma.

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  1. That such a GREAT photo! I love the outfit and how she is on this tiny rock surrounded by water fishing ever so gracefully! Its one of those picture perfect moments!!! Very Cute!!