Wednesday, November 14, 2007


but David Bowie says I should turn and face the I guess I will.

You may recall a week or so ago the news that Taylor had made the OSU team. Indeed he has, but they want him to redshirt and after much deliberation, he has decided not to. What this means to us is that he will be leaving OSU after the term ends, and returning to the JC level. The reason he has made this decision is that the NCAA will be enacting a new rule in January, whereby redshirts cannot even practice with the team, they may only do individual work. Taylor wants to play; he knew going into this that his playing time would be limited, but the inability to practice was the clincher. He feels (as do we) that his time would be better spent at a facility where he can play and compete, and continue to improve. To stay at OSU would literally be taking an entire year off, with no guarantees.

Updates to follow as plans materialize.

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