Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I hit 200 miles today.

and given that I first started keeping track 191 days ago, That's not so awe-inspiring. (only slightly over 1 mile per day...) but what is true is that I don't run every day, and I have also taken a couple of pretty serious breaks (one week or more) One of which ended today. My heart has not been into running since Lily went away, but I finally decided I needed to get over it, and get it over I ran our route, a gorgeous 6 mile loop along the river with lots of squirrels for chasing, and even a family of feral cats...The best part of the whole outing for her. I cut off of at the half way point today, because I was a week out of condition, and I cried the whole way. Several people recognized me, and said Hi--nobody asked about Lily, but I'm sure they will, and then It'll start all over. Every day will be better least I hope so. It certainly won't be worse.

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  1. good job on the running. How did the meeting go with lilys killer.