Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Gearing up.

We are gearing up for a big weekend around here...Dean leaves tonight for AZ., he's taking a group of players to the AZ Fall Classic a tournament that is dear to our own hearts, as it is one that Taylor participated in each year of his eligibility, and always did very well; Cooper will be eligible in a couple years. Now Dean works for Baseball Northwest (one of his side jobs) and takes a team down there for a scouting opportunity. The rest of us have basketball and baseball, mostly simultaneously (which means driving for me!) then on Friday we all depart for Bend to go watch Taylor play at his old stomping grounds...a truly full circle moment for him! It's going to be nice to reconnect with some of our old friends!

I went to see him last night, but forgot the camera...I've been wanting to take a picture of his dorm, and his room...He is living the high life right now, as he is in a dorm room BY HIMSELF, but has another player coming to room with him next term; he is looking forward to that, since they are good buddies. It was fun to watch Taylor in his new environment; he is having such a blast, and is working his butt off in practice and school, but despite all the hard work and long nights, seems to be relaxed and happy. Oh, and he hit a homerun in practice the other night. Only the second homerun from anyone for the fall season.

Chloe goes to conditioning every morning at 6:30, where she scrimmages with the boys for an hour and a half, then she goes to open gym after school, then she comes home, does her homework, then goes to "Fire" practice (her club team). She is busy, but happy; has lots of friends and even spent the night at a friends house the other night in Coburg

Cooper has a bad case of textthumb, a debilitating condition that occurs when too many little girls text him for stupid reasons, and he feels compelled to answer each and every one of them. Oh yeah...he's the dude around here...

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